Aye, It is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye.  Though relatively new to this corner of the blogosphere this blog has hurt someone whom I hold very dear… NO it wasn’t Gerard Butler but if he was hurt as well I do frankly apologise.  I shant go into details but I do want to thank those of you who made my blogging experience excellent:

Karl, Thanks again for your witty banter again I do hope that you know we were never mad at you at all

Michael, You have so much charm and finesse I do wish you the best whatever life may have in store

Anne, It is both our hopes you find someone worthy of your heart 🙂

Hermione, You Rock! I thank you for your insights and wit.

Gwen, tho I dont know if you ever made it to this blog your art on your blog was always appreciated

Dr Ken, You definitly have a talent for parody heres hoping someday you make it big… or at least the lines get that minnesota minnie for ya.

And last but not least Devlin, I never told you this but I remember your stories on Speculum Pages. In fact I was wondering if you would see the corallary  (sp?) between me wanting to skip the dentist and Theresa 😉 I am so glad to know you have an extensive library of works and look forward to reading them all soon. thanks again for all the kidding around 🙂

oh and Michael you asked who I dressed up for as on Halloween??? Daria of course from MTV’s Daria 😉


For anyone I missed I really will miss you.

Ciao Mein,



Sometimes less…. Ok So here’s a list of some of my fantasy spankers. The thing i noticed they were all connected to each other in some way or another.  NOW I have NO Idea if Any of these men are or were spankers EVER but a girl can imagine right?


Gerard Butler


Scottish Born actor who also played in 300 shown here in one of my all time favorite movies “Phantom of the Opera.” I can picture him with same lovely voice he used as the phantom telling me to stay still and not to wiggle. His implement would no doubt be a leather paddle or perhaps fur lined leather for both the sweet and sensous.  He played the title roll in” Phantom”, which was also played by


From Hitchcock film

An English born actor, known for rolls in countless films including “Casablanca”, “Now,Voyager”, and of course the “Invisible Man.” He had an uncanny knack of being in charge with a delightfully wry sense of humor. For an Implement for him I’d have to think of a switch made of birch… or perhaps a birch paddle…


Another Brit who as also starred in numerous films and on television. One of his rolls was on the NBC television show “Heroes” in which he played a man who had the power of invisibility named “Claude Rains” 😉 With his penchant of being brooding I can see him as a leather flogger something that can be very daunting but completely sensual as well. He also played The Doctor in the great show Doctor Who after which he was replaced by


Born in Scotland as well this Very HOT doctor would have me over a desk with a sonic screwdriver… cant decide on an implement for him….

Well thats all for now hope you enjoyed 🙂



One of the most fun i have (which should be quite evident by now) leading up to getting spanked is trying to get out of it.  Its not that I don’t want the spanking… not really… but I like the game. I like trying to  “cute” my way out…. Needless to say it never works but I think I get more out of it, the whole struggle thing. It is one of those games where actually losing is Way better than winning. Unless Sir Trent plays the baddie and gives me exactly what I’m asking for … nothing.  Now I want to make it perfectly clear I am not talking about “topping from bottom” Thats just rude. I’m just talking about playing just completely safe sane and consensual play 🙂

 So I have some questions for all our friends out there.

To those on the bottom:

Is this just a me thing? Has it ever worked? If it has worked were you disappointed?

To those on top:

Do you ever find it endearing kind of like just another part of the dance? Do you, like Sir Trent,  ever play the baddie? 

So Like always tell us your thoughts can’t wait to hear from you all!

Good Girl Spankings

Ok So everyone knows as of late I haven’t EXACTLY been an angel. As Sir Trent accuses I have “halo supports” 😉 Today we went to our favorite supermarket that has a sushi bar inside with all these japanese knick-knacks on the rack the ever observant sir trent found a rice spoon. At least thats what it said where they were being sold. What it actually is is a wood paddle 14″ long 7″ handle and 4″ wide. So here it is and here I am… waiting…. and growing impatient…

If I can resist temptation I know I will recieve a very sweetly given spanking with lots of love and tenderness and just enough spice…. If I start acting up then it will be a repeat of dental appt eve…. or worse yet none at all 😦 ….

oh bother 


What is a girl to do?????

“I like Algebra. I have always liked dealing with the a science that deals with theories. UNLIKE Geometry Algebra doesn’t make you prove the equation its just busy thinking if a is 6 then x/y =z.

So please beg my pardon if  my exuberance for mathematics has found itself in my writing. I shall take great care to not let it happen again.”


~ Quote from the “Bratty Girls Defense Leaflet” Page 8



For a day job, I work as a 1st tier technical support person for an internet company. Part of my duties is to use a program to randomly generate passwords for those who have lost them. This program randomly puts two four-letter words together to generate the temporary password. Wouldn’t you know it, The day I’m working on Weekend w/the Lion part deux I get a customer needing a password reset…. Would you like to know that password? safeword.  I kid you not. It was all I could do to continue the call in a prompt and professional matter.  To make matters worse going home that night a coworker told me how one of her friends was going to go down to the mall to buy some pantyhose what she said is ” She never gets Spanx by herself” to which I reply “Two people do make the task a lot more fun”… I am so glad my life isn’t a cartoon and other people can’t see my thought bubbles.

Okay, I have an interesting question for everyone. Daria and I were speculating after one of our many blog sessions, and we found ourselves wondering: what implement does everyone prefer, and for which purpose? Let’s hear from the bottoms as well as the tops, for I’m sure preferences differ between top and bottom (as I’ve had happen myself with bottoms on occasion). We’re particularly interested to hear Anne’s views, as she has found herself on both sides of the switch/cane/flogger/paddle/whathaveyou. I’ll wait on a few comments first, then I’ll enter mine.